Dynamic Business Process Management in the Knowledge Economy

Creating Value from Intellectual Capital

Miejsce na okładkę książki

About the author

Dr. Marek Szelągowski is experienced in business process management practices. The author of the increasingly more popular concepts of “dynamic business process management” (dynamic BPM) and “Process Relevance Criterion.” His innovative approach to the management of business processes is gaining more and more supporters.He has more than 25 years of experience in implementing IT solutions in support of management. He has participated in the creation and implementation of IT solutions in the fields of accounting, human resources management, production, IT infrastructure management, etc. As the CIO of the Budimex Group in 2000–2008, he was responsible for the accommodation of digitization strategies to the changing needs of the business sector. He was managing and participating in analyses and optimizations of business processes and developing IT architecture management processes in over 75 enterprises from the construction, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, and healthcare sectors, including the Medical University of Łódź, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Poland, Merck Polska, EUROLOT, VECTRA, PGNiG, GK PGE, and many others.His research interest includes: process and knowledge management. He is currently employed in the Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.